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Beat the odds

Gain clarity and prioritize effectively with the key insights you need.
It all begins with the right guidance

It all begins with the right guidance.

Amazon is as dominant as ever, and you’re excited about that opportunity. But competition is fierce.
You’re spending (and spending…) on ads, but ACOS is just too high: trial and error is turning out to be risky and expensive, and your stress levels are through the roof.
What’s wrong? What can you change to make a real difference?
At UpCounting, we know how hard you’ve worked to get to this point. You deserve to see your company thrive. That’s why we provide the comprehensive, expert guidance you need to grow.What’s wrong? What can you change to make a real difference?
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Traffic + Sales
01Get More Traffic + Sales
Streamline Your Operations
02Streamline Your Operations
Optimize Your Products
03Optimize Your Products

See the big picture

Gain clarity and prioritize effectively with the key insights you need.
We ensure all the pieces come together just right

We ensure all the pieces come together just right.

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum! To scale, you need a bird’s eye view of all the moving pieces and exactly how they interact.
YoIt’s time for clear, data-backed answers to your biggest questions.
We analyze your entire process—from FBA shipments to obtaining those all-important reviews—to figure out what’s not working optimally. Then, we create a concrete plan to help you achieve your goals faster.
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Not sure what you need to grow

Not sure what you need to grow?

Reach out to schedule a free 30 minute consultation call. We’d love to tell you about how we work and help you discover whether we’re the right fit for you.
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Optimize everything, from start to finish

With the right systems in place, growing your Amazon business becomes easy.
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Smooth Operations

You need efficient, scalable operations in order to expand. Otherwise, things get messy fast! We help with shipping to Amazon, pricing, forecasting, and more.
A Stunning Brand
02A Stunning

Optimized product copy, eye-catching images, and beautiful A+ content. From small tweaks to a full overhaul, we’ll help you make the best impression.
Data-Driven Marketing

We guide you to better decisions through powerful analytics. Our team tracks your marketing efforts (including PPC, ranking, etc.) to maximize your ROI.

Experts at your fingertips

Get the skills you need on demand, without the high hiring costs.
We’re on your side

We’re on your side.

You deserve to take advantage of the huge opportunities on Amazon. But without the right talent, your growth can grind to a halt. That’s where we come in.
Our diverse team works with your in-house staff, filling the gaps and tying together all the loose threads to get you ready for maximum growth.
Design and Branding
CPAs and Operational Consultants
Design and Branding
Design and Branding Specialists
Design and Branding
PPC and Organic Ranking Experts
Design and Branding
Off-Amazon Advertising Specialists
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Upcounting Casestudies

Upcounting Casestudies

This newly launched brand was experiencing consistently profitable growth month after month. They suddenly experienced a huge burst in sales due to a large PR event and we took advantage of that burst in sales to reach a new monthly sales rate 5x what they had before - even after the PR died down.
This brand in the health category had advertising costs that were way too high. We performed a thorough audit and deep keyword research. We revamped their strategy and put in place a number of optimizations. Because of that, in just 5 months we helped them achieve a 40% increase in sales while substantially lowering their ad spending.
This Premium Beauty brand struggled to break $40K/mo in sales. With some immediate optimizations, we were able to 3x their sales in just 3 months. And then with our long-term strategy, add another 53% increase over the next 9 months.

Meet our experts

Abir Syed



Amazon Director


Advertising Manager

Your one-stop shop

With everything under one roof, we take “streamlined” to a whole new level.
One common goal

One team.
One common goal: your success.

YWhen you outsource tasks to several different companies, you run a huge risk: they don’t communicate and end up undermining one another. It’s sloppy, complicated, and wasteful. But they’re getting paid, so it’s “not their problem.”
At UpCounting, your problems are our problems. Your success is our success. By bringing together all the different angles you need under one roof, everything is coordinated, synchronized, and smooth.
Result? You scale faster.
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How it works

We know how valuable your time is, so we make it simple.
Schedule a call
01Schedule a call
It’s friendly, free, and 100% non-binding. We’ll discuss your Amazon ambitions and help you decide if we’re the right fit to help with your challenges.
We build your plan
02We build your plan
We’ll analyze your business and design a custom, actionable plan to help you scale. Then, we’ll put the plan in motion and track your results.
Hold on tight
03Hold on tight!

You’ll see drastic, rapid improvement. And we’ll keep tracking your results and refining your plan as you scale, so you see lasting growth.

Why We're Different

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We bare it all
We’re fast and agile
We put you first
We don’t stop

Customer Reviews

Our clients think we're pretty great

"UpCounting's specialists are the ideal consultants. We’ve been fortunate to have them and intend to work with them for as long as we’re in business!"

Hosea Chang

COO, Hayden Girls

"They're very knowledgeable and experienced. You can feel reassured that you're in good hands."

Roberto R

Cofounder, Manmade

"UpCounting has the impressive capacity to be creative, nimble, and efficient. They will embrace your team and internalize your challenges as if they were their own."

Mohammed Ashour

CEO, Aspire Food Group

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Our clients think we're pretty great

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